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Traveling With Toddlers On A Plane | Snuggwugg Baby Pillow Review

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We love hearing from you. When we see amazing reviews and new ideas for traveling with toddlers we love to share them too. As moms when we travel with our toddlers sometimes it can become very stressful. They get tired and fussy then we feel like the world is watching us and we get a little freaked out. So anytime we can find a product that helps keep our babies happy when traveling that is awesome right? And that is exactly what Snuggwugg baby pillow can do for you. So please be sure to read this amazing mom blogger review from The Sentimental Mama and For the full review visit her blog here The Sentimental Mama

I also want to share a few travel tips of my own.

Always bring a jacket or blanket the planes are freezing.

If you're toddler passes out for 3 hours wake them and carry them to the potty.

There is nothing like an accident on the plane to increase parenting stress.

Bring lots of wet wipes and snacks.

Hand sanitizer is your friend especially with airplane trays - yuck.

And we'll share more travel tips later. So on with a few more features from this recent product review.

So to break it down for you, here are the ways this little Snuggwugg is amazing:

  1. A must-have for traveling with a child.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Fits most smartphones.
  4. Invented by a Mama and winner of the Huggies Mom Inspired Award.
  5. Doubles as an arm rest or pillow while traveling for the parents

OK for the entire list stop by her blog :)


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