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Snuggwugg Interactive Baby Pillow

Wow A New Moms Favorite Baby Pillow - 15 Ways To Use Snuggwugg

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Becoming a new mom is amazing. And we already know you always wonder what you need to buy for your newborn. Are there any baby products that will last 6 months, one year or longer? And the answer is Yes. Snuggwugg baby pillow is. Are you are attempting to minimize your baby gear? Here are a few ways you can utilize your Snuggwugg Interactive Baby Pillow that may surprise you. And we are so excited that Snuggwugg has become new moms favorite baby pillow!

1. A Baby Shower Gift - Snuggwugg multi-use baby pillow is multipurpose a must-have for busy moms and dads and makes the perfect baby shower gift.

2. As a Baby Toy - Embroidered with sweet animal friends & designs that encourage your baby's eyes to explore. Snuggwugg is bound to be a cutie's new favorite companion.

Named Coolest Parenting Product by BuzzFeed


 3. Diaper Changing (no more squirming) - Snuggwugg helps keep Baby calm, still and happy during diaper changing.

4. Tummy Time - Snuggwugg is a perfect prop for tummy time.

5. Shopping Cart - Snuggwugg is lightweight & portable so you can take Snuggwugg anywhere!

6. Early Learning - Snuggwugg has a flex pocket filled with the fun-to-feel crinkly material into which parents can insert educational flashcards, toys, apps or smartphones to help keep toddlers entertained on long car rides.

7. Toddler Travel Pillow - Perfect baby gear for travel use in car seats, keep toddlers entertained on long car rides.

8. Educational Toys - Parents can attach educational toys for infants and toddlers. Just insert educational flashcards, toys, apps or smartphones.

9. Birthday Gift - Snuggwugg is a great gift for both babies ages 3 months and toddlers up to 3 years.

10. Flights & Traveling With Baby - Insert toys, apps, educational flashcards or smartphones to help keep toddlers entertained during flights.


12. Teethers or pacifier - Snuggwugg has multiple loops for attaching a little one's favorite toys, teethers or pacifier.

13. Sensory Play - Snuggwugg Pocket has a fun to feel crinkle sound to stimulate baby with sight, touch & sound.

14. As A guard for boys who pee when changing a diaper. Washable Slipcover - Snuggwugg has a soft plush slipcover that is removable and machine washable.

15. Protects Your Smartphone - Flex Pocket works with most smartphones 5.5" x 2.75"

The Snuggwugg Interactive Baby Pillow by Snuggwugg is lightweight & portable so you can take Snuggwugg anywhere! Use with technology or without the choice is up to the modern parent.

Snuggwugg Baby Pillow is unique and very affordable cost, we all know, it’s the baby gear that’s the hardest to figure out. It shows usefully for mom's especially during a diaper change, tummy time and long travel and exclusively only available for Purchase at Amazon and website. FREE Shipping Too!

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