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Snuggwugg Back-To-School: Babies Love Backpacks


August is nearly over,  our daughter Matilda headed to pre-school and it got me thinking. Why? Because it's back-to-school season, and students around the country are packing up to head to class. My daughter loves her backpack but I realize  that babies love backpacks too!

If you have more than one child at home the house clears out while older siblings head off to school. When your baby is small, they won't even notice that. But as they get older, toddlers start to recognize that the big kids are off to school and they aren't invited. It's hard to be the little one left home during the school year!

Here are a few ways to help your toddler feel like they're part of the back-to-school excitement.

Get them a backpack

Back to school means lots of books and homework being packed. But your little one doesn't have that. So what can they do? What about stuffing a backpack just for them full of toys and carting it around? How fun!

Snuggwugg Back-To-School

Use Learning Flashcards

Never to early to learn right? So just do  flashcard presentations for your little baby to help stimulate your child's brain development. There is so much potential to build early learning skills.

Pack extra lunches

When making lunches for the big kids, you might as well make one for your little one. You can create all type of fun treats and tell them their brother is eating lunch at the same time. While they are in school eating you all are at home. 

 Pick out some school supplies

Note pads, stickers, erasers all make for fun things for your little one. When buying older kid school supplies be sure to include your toddlers too.

Buy workbooks for homework

It's super easy to find inexpensive books at the dollar store that they can do pretend homework. They can color or learn about numbers whatever. And if they color all over pluto's face? It was just a $1 anyway :)

Back-To-School pictures

What toddler doesn't like selfies? We have hundreds of Matilda

 Play Time

Babies nowadays, love to play educational apps, to make sure and avoid dropping your phones use Snuggwugg Interactive pillow, just slip your child's favorite app in snuggwugg flex pocket and babies will enjoy playing. Snuggwugg makes for a fun educational toy too.

 Go to library storytime

Library's have great little programs or puppet shows its super fun for your little one and a small break for mom too. 

Read books

Nothing is more school-like than books. Set aside a few minutes each day to read aloud to your little one. Matilda loves her Sandra Boyton books or Minnie Mouse. And sometimes she even reads to herself. Although she can't read yet it's fun to listen to her stories.

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