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New Parents Get Ready To Learn About Poop

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Poop stages

The Age: 0-5 days
The Stage: Newborn
The Poop: Meconium/transitional

It's sticky, it's tar-like and it's usually black or dark green. This is something you normally don't read in the "Parenting is so blissful" handbooks but at least if you know it's going to happen you won't think your baby is also part alien. It's normal so you can relax. Soon your precious bundle will poo a nice grainy yellow poop. And yes that is normal too.

Snuggwugg diaper changing pillow

The Age: 0-4 months
The Stage: Infant
The Poop: Pre-solid foods

Formula-fed babies have poop that is either light brown, bright yellow or dark green.

Breastmilk stools can be seedy, curdy, creamy, or lumpy, and either yellow or green. I thought that was odd when I breastfed my daughter but it was true seedy and yellow.

The Age: 4-12 months

The Stage: Baby
The Poop: Introduction of solid foods

Don't be at all surprised to find that what goes in comes right out. Orange poop? Carrots. Green? Did you feed your baby peas? Your baby's diaper may become the tell tale signs of all that happened that day. But soon it all turns one yucky nasty color - greenish brown. So enjoy all the colors while you can.

The Age: 12-36 months
The Stage: Toddler
The Poop: Adult-like

I'm not sure what happens between the last age and this age but something really awful I'm sure. My daughter went from not so bad smelling poop to a JR version of her daddy and his poop which I can tell you melts paint off walls.


Potty training can't come quick enough and every day I offer bigger surprises in the hopes that soon that poop will be flushed to a distant nightmare in your past.

Money Saving Tip

Diaper pales are great. If they are not motorized you don't have to fill yours with expensive refill bags. A simple garbage bag will do the trick and as long as you open and close that lid quickly smells stay to a minimum. Scented bags help too.

The diaper rash breakout

It does happen but you don't have to panic diaper rashes are usually very easy to treat and will go away quickly with the proper care.

An ounce of prevention

  • Change diapers frequently.
  • Don't give baby orange juice or foods that are very acidic.
  • Sometimes give the wipes a break just use a soft cloth and water and air dry.
  • Sprinkle your baby's bottom with cornstarch (not talcum powder).
  • Consider letting your baby play with no diaper on a soft towel or waterproof pad.

An ounce of treatment

  • Spread a thick layer of diaper rash cream (zinc oxide) on the affected area.
  • Seek medical attention if the rash persists or worsens.

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