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Cute Baby Shower Food Ideas From Snuggwugg


So one of the best celebrations is having a new baby! And there is no better excuse to indulge in cute baby shower food ideas than on this amazing day. When I had my own baby shower my friends made cake pops and chocolate covered everything it was awesome. There are so many great baby shower food ideas on Pinterest too. Many of these were found there. I've included their blogs so be sure to visit them and tell them what fabulous ideas they had.

When it comes to your shower I can tell you that when I walked in and saw all the beauty my friends created that was a memory that I know will last a lifetime.  The best part? You don't need to spend a fortune to have a great baby shower. These cute baby shower food ideas will get you started. I hope you enjoy them and tell us how it all turned out. Also if you want to include your due date below we would love to hear about it!

So I'm including a few of my favorite food ideas I've discovered and I hope you love them too!

Baby Ducky Shower Punch From Tidy Mom


Baby Rattle Marshmallow Pops From Apron Strings Baking


Ballerina Tu Tu Marshmallows from Kids Spot


Watermelon Baby Carriage Tutorial From Eat All About It

One of my personal favorites Cake Pops and this How To Tutorial From Two Twenty One

Little Smoking Mummy Dogs from

Blue Jello Shots From Party Ideas

Diy cupcakes 

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