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Ashton Kutcher - "More Diaper Changing Tables In Men's Bathrooms!"

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Ashton Kutcher received an unintended surprise when he wandered into the mens bathroom to change his 5 month old daughter,  there were no diaper changing tables in the men's restrooms. Realizing that there was some gender inequality issues Ashton did what any clever celebrity would do. He  took to Facebook to share his dismay.

With over 9,000 shares and counting it looks like many agree with him.

I have to say that I agree with Ashton. I often think of all the times my husband was out with my daughter and had to change her in the back of our truck or find other places for her because there were not diaper changing stations for men. I really believe that it's time for change. We ask our men to share in our parenting responsibilities right? So we should make sure they get the same tools that we do to help them succeed.

Snuggwugg has been an innovator in diaper changing trends and we definitely believe in gender equality when it comes to diaper changing.

So when diaper changing tables make their debut appearance in mens bathrooms across the county, Snuggwugg® will be ready for them. "We already make diaper changing easier for dads. We can't wait to witness gender equality diaper changing parties. After all diaper changing really shouldn't have a gender. Should it?" Lisa Cash Hanson Snuggwugg CEO

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photo credit: Ashton Kutcher by David Shankbone 2010 NYC via photopin (license)

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